Michael J Loomis: Who Am I? Alter Ego: Jack Spriggins

Sleep: This one is doing some amazing things in my life. However, it has a life all of its own. I’m sleeping in two shifts now. I’m pretty much down with the sun and up with it too. I usually wake up for about a half hour sometime in the middle. First and second sleep. Here is how I do it.

iHolobiont: We are Legion

HUMBIOS: Human Basic Input/Output System – Power-on self-test

iLichen: Like a mussel to a pier, stuck on you. The life of a non-parasitic rider.

How to clean a jar of clay: What to do and how to make it not take all day.

aBiofilm: About me, in us and on us; a story you might lichen…8)

Pellagra: A personal project. It is a problem that is often thought of as solved. However, I suggest it has simply been made subclinical. This one showed me the importance of Niacin and what a lack of B vitamins did to me over time.

Enlightenment: What would happen if everyone figured it out all at once? How to let the cat out of the bag one hair at a time.

ADHD: How I accidentally overcame. Is it possible we cultivate what we know as Attention Deficit Disorders? What about Autism? Why the focus on food and a lack of diversity?

Chew Digest: Nature will castigate those who do not masticate…8)
• Eat only when you are hungry.
• Chew the food to a pulp and then drink that pulp.
• Do not swallow solid foods.
• Drink all liquids sip by sip; do not drink in gulps.

This is a personal project of mine. An earlier idea for a book. I am still considering turning this into a quarterly digest for daily inspirations.

The Fungal Underground Q’n’A: This was where I originally began my data collection. A lot of people end up there primarily looking for answers about Borax and boron. I couldn’t resist the domain name.